Meet Tiffany’s Master Diamond Artisans

Tiffany diamonds are only as exceptional as the people who craft them. Meet a few of the nearly 1,500 master artisans at Tiffany & Co., whose remarkable skills lead to the world’s most beautiful diamonds.  
A master of invention who’s dedicated over four decades to his craft, Struyfs helped pioneer the use of technology for a more exacting diamond cut. “We developed a laser beam that’s guided by water to cut expertly, maximising the beauty of a diamond,” he explains. He loves his work because it’s a meaningful part of people’s lives. “A diamond symbolises the commitment of a relationship. It’s about forever,” he says.
Based on a living wage methodology that Tiffany helped pioneer, Theng’s salary is substantially above Cambodia’s minimum wage. Through her job at Tiffany, Theng was able to support her brother through college, buy a house with her husband and another for her parents. “I was born in a farming family and I transformed myself,” Theng says. “I want my children to have a better life and the special things that I have.”
Pictured above: Vana Rambaran and Elsa Alberto, Leaders, Tiffany Jewellery Workshop and Gemmological Laboratory